Brief introduction to LYVO in English

Finland in the Nordics

LYVO is a Joint Property Management Association formed according to Finnish law. There are more than 20 000 such collectives in Finland, so it is a common legal entity often established to manage a jointly owned water area.

LYVO, abbreviated from the full official name ”Lylyisten Yhteisten Vesialueiden Osakaskunta” is a registered land property with the identification number 444-427-876-1. LYVO owns and governs a water area of nearly 640 hectares on the Lohjanjärvi lake in the city of Lohja in the Uusimaa municipality.

The lake, the largest in southern Finland, is reachable in less than 50 minutes by car from the capital city of Helsinki. Click here for a detailed map showing the property in detail.

As is common for this form of Finnish collective management associations, LYVO’s duty and mission (as defined by law) is to protect the nature and environment of its area, specifically from the perspectives of the lake ecosystem and the interests of its 173 shareholders.

The management association appoints yearly a body of 3-5 persons (Hoitokunta translates to Management Board) to execute practical duties such as allocating fishing rights and setting related fees or to provide statements regarding planned developments such as dredgings.

For more information, please contact us by email, we are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our organization and how we work to fulfill our mission.

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